The agency is clearly child focused and ensures that young people are offered excellent support and given the best opportunity to secure positive outcomes. The agency demonstrates a clear commitment to ensuring services which meet the individual needs of each young person placed. Carers and young people refer to extremely close bonds that have been built between them and that young people have become an integral part of the family. Young people comment: ‘The agency is very good but my carer is brilliant.’ Young people identify areas of significant personal growth and say they would not be so happy, and doing so well if they had not been fostered through Kites.

Ofsted, September 2011 ‘Outstanding’

Fostering isn’t for every child referred to us, but support and care in a family environment can help many of them face past difficulties successfully and develop into young adults who go on to make a positive contribution to society. 

The decision to place a child in specialist foster care is taken only after a risk shows they are capable of integrating safely and successfully into a foster family.

Specialist Risk Assessment and Foster Placements

The assessment method we use is called ERASOR – the Estimate of Risk of Adolescent Sexual Offence Recidivism.

Sometimes, the young person will present a risk that makes them more suitable for the greater supervision provided by residential care – we then monitor their progress and aim to help them progress to foster care in the future. Thanks to our integrated approach, we always take care to put the young person’s needs first.

Ofsted rated our fostering service as ‘outstanding’ in its most recent inspection, praising our vetting of foster carers and the careful matching of carers to each child – and the excellent outcomes for the young people.

Both carers and young people said the support from the agency is excellent and outcomes in relation to being healthy, staying safe, enjoying and achieving and economic wellbeing are good. The management of the service is excellent.
(Ofsted 2007)

Foster carers are supported by experienced and qualified staff – they benefit from a high ratio of 4 staff to 9 carers. Carers enjoy exceptional training too.

Where possible, the young people participate in mainstream education but, when appropriate, attend our own special school – Estuary High School, close to Kites Children’s Services itself.

An integrated approach to fostering

Kite’s fostering services are successful because they are part of our integrated approach – which covers residential care, therapy, fostering and aftercare – to helping young people with sexual development issues or who have sexually abused other children.

It’s effective, as the young people we care for will tell you:

Young people’s comments include: ‘I’ve done so many new things since coming here. I have grown so much. I wouldn’t be working and have done so well at school if it were not for my carer.’ Young people consistently rated the agency and the carers as good to outstanding.” 

Young person quoted by Ofsted (2011)

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Did you know that our sister company, Mosaic Foster Care, specialises in foster care for boys and girls aged 5-18 who may be a risk to themselves or others – whether through mental health issues, attachment disorders or other factors? Visit to learn more.