Family Interventions

The involvement of family members is an essential component of our assessment and treatment process and not an optional extra.

Amongst many others the Bridge Child Care Development Service’s report Childhood Lost (2001) re-focused the need for young people with harmful sexual behaviour to be worked with holistically, taking into account the young person’s developmental needs as well as the sometimes considerable risk their behaviour may pose to others.

It is clear that parents and carers are likely to have extensive knowledge about the young person’s background that is vital towards understanding the root and meaning of their behaviour.

Of course for many young people on-going contact and rehabilitation to their birth family are outcomes that have to be considered in the assessment phase. To this end, and where appropriate, Kites undertake family intervention to address dynamics or familial issues that might be relevant to the young person’s recovery.

Often a clarification, reparation and reconciliation programme with family members is facilitated, which aims to support the young person to take responsibility for his harmful sexual behaviour with his family, evidence his empathic understanding into the impact of his behaviour on his victim(s), and prove his future safety to others.