Kites Children's Services caring for young people with HSB.

Therapeutic care for young people who have experienced childhood trauma.

Everything we do is about improving the lives of children who have experienced trauma and have sexual development difficulties.

Through our nurturing, safe environment coupled with joined up therapeutic interventions, children who stay with us are helped to understand their past and go on to develop strong and meaningful relationships

Who we are

We operate two residential homes and an independent school in Essex for young males who have experienced trauma and who have sexual development difficulties.

About Kites Children's Services

What we do

We provide a range of services for our young people, including schooling, therapy, residential care, support with family and more.


Our Homes

Our two residential homes provide a secure family feel home for our young people and are 6 bedroom and 5 bedroom homes respectively.


Our School

Our school is a small specialist school with provision for up to 10 pupils, the vast majority being placed from within the organisation’s children’s homes.


Therapeutic approach

We believe that therapy can only fully take place when each young person has a continual experience of being valued, respected, cared for, and safe.

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Meet the team

Find out more about the team at Kites Children's Services, including our directors and therapists working with the children in our care.


Healing past trauma and addressing unmet need

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"The residential home was the best. I loved the atmosphere, the activities, the karaoke nights. Christmas Day was brilliant – so many presents. I also really liked Estuary High school – liked the teaching and having my own desk."

(Extract from Evaluation Report Boswell, 2019) James (Aged 23)

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