Who we are – about Kites Children’s Services

We provide specialist care for children who sexually harm

Kites Children’s Services exists to help boys with sexual development problems – and who may have a history of sexually abusing or harming others.

We work hard to help these young people develop into confident, safe young adults who make a positive contribution to wider society.

Kites is the first port of call for local authorities that may lack relevant specialist care services – and which need a cost-effective service that achieves positive outcomes for young people who sexually harm.

We provide a fully integrated service across the care continuum for young people who have sexually harmed.

An integrated approach to care

Our integrated approach is effective because it brings together different strands of care, which are shaped to each individual’s needs. They are:

  • Residential care for young people whose sexual development issues pose a relatively high risk
  • Foster care for lower risk boys, including some whose positive development has allowed them to progress from residential care
  • Education and personal development in our own specialist school, when mainstream education is not yet appropriate
  • Therapy – this is central to our whole approach and helps the young people in our care achieve goals such as happiness, creativity and intimacy in both meaningful and socially acceptable ways
  • Aftercare – ensuring that young people get the best possible start to their adult lives

Please browse our site to learn how we help young people who sexually harm, and if you would like to learn more about our service please contact us today or call 01702 214524.