Group therapy

The programme consists of fourteen modules associated with meeting primary needs, with each module being addressed over 4 group sessions.
The programme is facilitated by a Kites Child Psychotherapist and Senior Residential Staff member.

Whilst the programme is formal in atmosphere and includes expectation that the attendees engage in detailed exploration of their behaviours, feelings and needs; the activities within the program are facilitative and fun for the young people.

The programme is part of the Kites GET IT initiative which aims to develop young people’s understanding into themselves and others, improve social skills and emotional literacy; whilst enabling them to identify and functionally meet the implicit needs within their past unsafe or anti-social behaviour; thus, providing them with improved ability and opportunity to move forward constructively in their lives and relationships.

Whilst honest exploration and communication is encouraged within the group, there is no expectation that young people must share detail of their harmful behaviours or victim history as part of the programme.