What does a day in the Life of a Headteacher look like?

What does a day in the Life of a Headteacher look like?

What does a day in the Life of a Headteacher look like?

A normal working day would begin at around 7:30am when I log into ClearCare to read the logs from the night before. I usually arrive at school at about 8:00 am so that I can ring both the houses to see how the boys are. We discuss any appointments for the day such a therapy or medical appointments, reminders to bring their PE kits etc.

If I am teaching, I prepare the classroom for my lesson and get resources ready.

When the other staff arrive, we have a handover at 9:00.

The boys arrive at school at 9:20 and we chat with them to make sure that they are all alright; often they are, but there are occasions where we have to deal with varying levels of disagreements or usual teenage behaviour. We can be greeted either by polite ‘Good morning.” or by words that can’t be repeated on here.

I normally get asked, ‘Can I have a word?’ This can range from asking me to order items on Amazon for them to extending their bedtime!

Four days a week I teach an hour of English and we are currently studying The Boy in Striped Pyjamas.

After teaching, we have break, where we all sit together, then I either attend meetings, send, and answer emails in between supporting any issues that the boys have. This can be anything from low level bickering, to leaving the building, (a good way to get my steps up!!), to a situation where the bean bags were un-zipped, and the beans were everywhere including the bread bin, fridge, and microwave!

Lunchtime is spent with the boys, and they bring their own packed lunches and one day a week a hot lunch is made for them. We have had requests to heat up tuna sandwiches in the microwave.

In the afternoons I either use the time to reply to emails, attend either virtual or face to face meetings or spend time with the boys doing Thrive activities such as playing a card or a board game and chatting with them.

Friday afternoons I go with the boys to head office where they have a yoga lesson, I have even joined in with them, which is a relaxing way to end the week.

At 15:00 I have a handover with the boys, school staff and carers to discuss the boys’ day and they are awarded reward stickers. When they go home at 3:20, the daily logs are written up on ClearCare.

After work, I read through all the daily logs to check that everything has been recorded and write up any meetings that have gone ahead.

I generally spend time at home in the evening going through all emails from the day and planning lessons for the next day.

There are never two days a like….and most definitely never a dull moment!I am incredibly lucky to have an amazing staff team who look after each other, the boys and support me.