Dare Skywalk at Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium

Dare Skywalk at Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium

Dare Skywalk at Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium

The outreach team organised a trip to Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium, White Hart Lane to complete the Dare Skywalk for two of our spurs fans!

They drove to the Stadium, stopping for a McDonalds breakfast along the way. They enjoyed listening to the radio and chatted about music and football the whole journey.

After watching the safety video, they harnessed up to begin the walk along the side of the stadium, to the top, which was 45 metres high!  The team all stopped along the way at the 1882 bar where they enjoyed views from a window of the South Stand and South side of the pitch.

One of our boys also joined in with the tour guide telling the group facts, the tour guide seemed impressed learning that Tottenham High Road was built by the Romans.

They then continued the walk to the roof of the stadium, overlooking the pitch, where the famous golden cockerel was placed, both boys were very excited to pose for pictures with the cockerel.

The group all walked back from the platform where they were unclipped from the safety rail to enjoy the views. The boys were able to identify many landmarks from the roof, such as the Shard, BT Tower, The Gherkin and of course Emirates Stadium, (Arsenal FC home) which was mentioned as not being the greatest view but then they are biased!

The boys were both very excited throughout the tour, talking, laughing, and sharing knowledge of Tottenham and the local areas. After they had made their way back down the climb, they left the stadium and drove back to home, listening to music and reflecting on the day. The boys expressed how much they enjoyed the day and thanked the staff member for taking them.

Thank you to the outreach team this sounds like an awesome day that the boys will always remember.