Kites CS Summer Mastermind 2023 challenge!

Kites CS Summer Mastermind 2023 challenge!

Kites CS Summer Mastermind 2023 challenge!

A big congratulations to both Brook and Estuary House for the competitive spirit displayed at the 2023 Summer Mastermind Challenge.

The team captains were chosen, and they both came up to play a very tense battle of rock, paper, scissors to decide which team were to go first. Two judges were present tallying up the scores alongside the quiz master and assistant. We also had many staff present cheering on both teams and the homes managers who at times seemed more competitive than the boys!

Both teams showed their resilience and ability to achieve great results if they put their minds together. The teamwork was great overall with only a little reminder needed of the challenge and prize to be won.

Each round consisted of thirty questions and the topics included general knowledge, science, geography, sports, history, and mathematics.

All together the boys did their teams proud and after a thrilling match Estuary Team went home with the Runners-up shield and medals while Brook Team emerged as the reigning Champion of Kites CS Summer Mastermind 2023!

Brook House received the winning medals and lifted the winners’ trophy which they were all very happy about! The boys at Brook will keep the trophy at home until the next challenge.

The next challenge will be announced later in the year and both houses should prepare their young people for the upcoming Kites CS Winter Mastermind 2023 challenge!