Exploring Suffolk!

Exploring Suffolk!

Exploring Suffolk!

Last month the residential workers took the boys on their annual holiday – this year they had hired a farmhouse for the week in Suffolk. Along the way they made various stops for refreshments and breakfast.

When they arrived, everyone was allocated their rooms and the staff members set some boundaries and ground rules for the boys while they were on holiday. Two of the boys were taken out to complete the weekly shopping whilst the remaining boys explored the grounds of the property and the nearby areas. The boys found a lake and had lots of fun searching the water with a fishing net to see what they could find!

Once the others were back everyone worked as a team to put the shopping away and prepare their first meal of the holiday – flamboyant fajitas! This was followed with an evening of music and chess.

The next day the boys all had a very relaxed morning in bed, almost immediately after they woke the chess board was out even before breakfast!! They all enjoyed a cooked breakfast together and discussed the plan of the day – Framlingham Castle!

All the boys (and some staff) enjoyed learning that the castle is the subject of the song by Ed Sheeran (Castle on the Hill) and that Framlingham is Ed’s hometown; they also visited a charity shop afterwards where Ed’s Mum donates her homemade jewellery to and of course there is a life-size cut out of Ed.

On the return to the farmhouse a member of staff took one of the boys through Sizewell, a picturesque coastal town. They enjoyed searching for fossils and even returned with a small bone structure so everyone could all have a guess of what it may be. Apparently, it was a pigeon’s sternum as they were advised by the local workers.

That evening some of the boys helped prepare the chilli for dinner – one hot and one mild as requested! The chess board came out again and a new game they had purchased earlier that day called Blockbuster – fun and laughter was had by all!

On the Wednesday there was a continental style breakfast for all before driving up to Aldeburgh where the boys took part in a treasure trail activity. It was like a disjointed version of treasure island (without the sailing!!) Most of the boys were on a mission following and deciphering all the clues and they had success in the end.

They went onto visit the famous scallop sculpture on Aldeburgh beach and then onto the house on the clouds in Thorpeness, the boys also saw what appeared to be an adder sitting underneath some bushes. Some of the staff made a run for it but the boys were all intrigued and studied the reptile for a while.

They all then headed to the cinema in Lowestoft to watch Super Mario followed by a chippy tea, then straight home for some much needed rest!

The farmhouse was very lively early Thursday morning with the chess board occupied before breakfast again. Some of the lads went to visit Pleasurewood Hills and they all seemed to love going on the rides! A member of staff stayed home with one of the boys to bake a cake and explore the local marshland. When the group was reunited everyone shared stories of their day and the evening was spent preparing homemade pizzas and playing games.

As Friday was the last day the boys were all up early so they could pack their bags and do some much needed tiding up although a little encouragement was needed as the holiday blues were already setting in. They all enjoyed the last breakfast in the farmhouse before heading back home.

Overall a fantastic holiday was had by the boys and the staff.